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By Simon Moore; July 03, 2003
OK, so I was a little optimistic that my XHTML was well-formed XML. A quick scan of the City Desk Discussion Forum found a great tool called RTidy that integrates nicely with CityDesk. It seems to have corrected most (all?) of the problems that Jo (a colleague) and I found today. So now it is time to regenerate everything and then see what the W3 validator and kXML2 can find...

City Desk 2.0 Beta

By Simon Moore; July 02, 2003
I've just regenerated the entire site using City Desk 2.0 Beta, which should hopefully remove the tags that City Desk 1 inserts at the top of each page. So now the pages should at least be well-formed XML...


By Simon Moore; March 01, 2003

Hello and welcome to my new web site. This site is meant to be for my personal weblog and a collection of other trivia that I find interesting. At the moment this site is rather bare, but please drop by in the future and see what has been added.

What happened to my old site? Sorry, but it has been removed. It had very little content that was of any use, so I threw it away when I put together this new site. I aim for this new site to have more structure and better content… we'll find out how well I achieved this sometime in the future.


By Simon Moore; November 29, 2002
Memo to self: update to point to this site.
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