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By Simon Moore; July 03, 2003
OK, so I was a little optimistic that my XHTML was well-formed XML. A quick scan of the City Desk Discussion Forum found a great tool called RTidy that integrates nicely with CityDesk. It seems to have corrected most (all?) of the problems that Jo (a colleague) and I found today. So now it is time to regenerate everything and then see what the W3 validator and kXML2 can find...

City Desk 2.0 Beta

By Simon Moore; July 02, 2003
I've just regenerated the entire site using City Desk 2.0 Beta, which should hopefully remove the tags that City Desk 1 inserts at the top of each page. So now the pages should at least be well-formed XML...

Installing OpenBSD 3.2 on a Sony Vaio C1VE Laptop

By Simon Moore; March 04, 2003
A little while ago I decided to install OpenBSD on my Sony Vaio C1VE laptop, so that I could run it as a server. Yes, a server. It may seem crazy, but I wasn't really using the laptop anymore and it does make a great home server: it is small, quiet and produces very little heat. Ideal for leaving switched on in my study.

Breadcrumbs and Other Problems

By Simon Moore; March 01, 2003

Unfortunately, the section breadcrumbs[?] and section taglines are broken at the moment. Sorry.

This is due to a number of limitations in the CityScript feature of CityDesk: I simply cannot use it to automatically generate the breadcrumbs and section taglines that I had planned to use. This is one of the most requested features for CityDesk, so hopefully it will be resolved in the next software release. There are ways around it, but they require the use of JavaScript and I'm trying my hardest to avoid anything other than XHTML and CSS on this web site.

Made with CityDesk

By Simon Moore; March 01, 2003

This site is put together using the CityDesk content management system. It is a nice and simple package for putting together a weblog, and comes with a built-in scripting language that allows you to automate many of the activities involved in publishing a site such as this.

One big benefit of CityDesk is that there is a Starter Edition available for free download. This can only support a limited number of files for a site, but has allowed my to put this site together without spending a fortune on software that might not prove to be the right choice for me.

So far I'm impressed with CityDesk: it is simple to put together a simple site, and yet still easy to use for more complicated sites. That's not to say there are not things that need to be improved, but that will be the subject of another article.

The Getting Started With CityDesk article is one of the sample articles that come with CityDesk.

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